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"We received positive feedback from our members about your Content Scanner and Cleaner products.  Your company is providing an essential service giving the average user easy to use internet software to scan and delete  pornography.  Thank you."



content audit


content audit

Content Scanner is a FREE online tool that allows you to scan,  content audit and check files on your computer's hard drive for porn files and other questionable content.  This free version only performs a limited scan.  Those that are found to be questionable are displayed for the user to investigate.  You may view them by double clicking the filename/URL.  


Product  Features

FREE Online software

FREE Parental Control tool

Limited Usage

Fast, simple and Safe.

Does not in any way change the configuration of your computer

Find hard to locate objectionable files and pornography on your hard drive

Results displayed in a table

Files that have a higher probability of being objectionable are highlighted

You may view them by double clicking the filename/URL. 




Adult image detection

An advanced algorithm is used to detect adult images by assessing skin-tone levels and distribution.


"One site hoping to give parents peace of mind is It offers a parental controls tool, “Content Cleaner” that removes objectionable content from your PC, and “adult image detection”."




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I visited a porn site by mistake and forgot about it.  Later, I was told by a friend that the pictures still remained on my computer.  I used your products and felt relieved that I was able to remove them quickly and easily.

- Sarah, Texas







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