parental control  
parental controls  




It is possible to accidentally have porn files on your computer hard drive from surfing the Internet or from received emails.  This free online Content watch tool allows you to scan, audit and detect such porn files. 





Adult image detection

An advanced algorithm is used to detect adult images by assessing skin-tone levels and distribution.


"One site hoping to give parents peace of mind is It offers a parental controls tool, “Content Cleaner” that removes objectionable content from your PC, and “adult image detection”."





Everyday Legal Forms

Landlord tenant legal forms - offers a variety of landlord tenant legal forms including lease agreements , sublease agreements eviction notice and rental application .  All forms are available for instant download and printable.  

Bill of Sale forms - auto bill of sale , boat bill of sale and business bill of sale .  All forms are east to use and available for instant download. 

Protect your assets with a prenuptial agreement form .  Get yours today.







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