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"One site hoping to give parents peace of mind is It offers a parental controls tool, “Content Cleaner” that removes objectionable content from your PC, and “adult image detection”."





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All affiliates are paid through, the most trusted and largest affiliate management program online.  Clickbank is used by thousands of online merchant and over 100,000 affiliates. Payments are processed by clickbank which in turn issues checks to both ContentPurity and the affiliate. 

We hold all of our affiliates to a strict advertising standard. By promoting our program, you expressly agree to the following agreement .

Step 1.   To join our Christian affiliate program , you must first be a member of Clickbank.  Sign up HereClickBank will track all affiliate sales for you and email you every time you make a sale!

Step 2.   Read our affiliate agreement located here .

Step 3.   Generate Links:  

You can use our automatic link generator using the link below:

Automatic Link Generator

Link can  also be created manually using the instructions below.  This useful if you would like to send emails to your members or to create custom text links.  Please use the following format to link to us:


Simply replace the example with your CLICKBANK ID you chose when you signed up to ClickBank.

If your CLICKBANK ID  is
red , your affiliate link would look like this:

Step 4.  Tips on earning maximum revenue from your site

- Place our ads and graphics on highly trafficked pages and preferably all pages on your site so more of your visitors will see them.  Remember that as more visitors will see and click our ads, more sales are generated resulting for commission for you.

- Place ads and graphics in the part of the page that the users see without scrolling. Again, remember that as more visitors will see and click our ads, more sales are generated resulting for commission for you.

- Send emails to your mailing list subscribers.


How will I be paid the commissions I earn?

ClickBank issues checks twice monthly by clickbank and mailed to you.

I've made a sale, why haven't I received a check?

You may not have reached your selected payment preference: In your account you may select an amount from $20 to $20000 as your payment preference. The default setting is $200. ClickBank holds your check until your payable balance reaches this amount. To change your payment preference, simply login to your Clickbank account, click the link to "access your account", click the link to "modify your account", select the desired amount from the drop down menu, and click the "save changes" button.  We recommend setting it to $20.

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DOWNLOAD PROMOTIONAL CREATIVES  (not needed if using automatic link generator).

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