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How to Delete Porn with Content Cleaner

Adult Image Detection

An advanced algorithm is used to detect adult images by assessing skin-tone levels and distribution.



"One site hoping to give parents peace of mind is It offers a parental controls tool, “Content Cleaner” that removes objectionable content from your PC, and “adult image detection”."




"We received positive feedback from our members about your  products.  Your company is providing an essential service giving the users easy to use  software.  Thank you."




"I have four boys who are in age range from 2-15 who all enjoy the computer, I feel much better about them having access to the Internet since I installed Content Cleaner and was able to delete porn off. It is a great parental controls tool."

 Sandy, mother,  California



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How to Delete Porn in the Following Categories:

  • Delete Porn Images and pictures in all formats

  • Delete Porn Videos in all major formats

  • Detect and Remove hidden porn files masked as non-porn

  • Delete and erase any porn text

  • Delete any porn MP3

  • Detect and Delete Pornography all internet activity including Internet history

  • Content Cleaner is The only porn cleaner to delete permanently all porn leaving no traces.

  • The Answers is to Download Content Cleaner Now provides parental controls software for Windows xp, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac, internet explorer and firefox among others to detect, remove and clean up pornography off your PC.  You can check if your spouse or children visit objectionable sites on the internet with our free parental control tool, Content Scanner.    It helps in stopping and breaking internet porn addiction.  See the Content Purity Review & Content Cleaner Review & CCleaner Review.

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