Content CleanUp 

  $39.99 Unlimited usage on one PC.

Regular Price: $79.99

One-time fee.


Content Cleanup will enable you to both scan,  content cleanup, remove and erase porn from your computer's hard drive safely.  FREE Pop-up blocker with purchase ($40 value).    

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"One site hoping to give parents peace of mind is It offers a parental controls tool, “Content Cleaner” that removes objectionable content from your PC, and “adult image detection”."







Content cleanup easily and quickly using Content Cleaner:
Regular Price : $79.99
Discount Price: $19. 99
You Save: $40.00 (50%)


"Not only do I feel more secure after purchasing your "Content Cleaner", but I would like to further state I feel it is reasonably priced as well!  Thank you so much for making this available."                                                            

Respectfully submitted, Cheryl C., Texas

Adult image detection:

An advanced algorithm is used to detect adult images by assessing skin-tone levels and distribution.

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